"Wings Over The Atlantic" Series

Three dynamic subjects - the sky, the bird(s), and the space in between.  In my shots, they have very little else as reference but themselves, save for the sea itself.  Each subject simply "is what it is," and nothing less or more.  

There's nothing planned, no grand scheme to coordinate efforts - it just IS.  And what I've come to learn is that every day is just like that - whether I'm there for it or not.

And I'm just lucky to be there.

Thank you for enjoying what's out there with me.

- Teddy J

Limited Editions Prints
  • Each piece is printed on metal (sized 18x24 in.), and then screwed into a unique reclaimed-wood frame

  • A print is stamped on the back with the "With Love For All Things" insignia, and individually numbered

  • 1 Print is $350, multiple prints cost less per item

  • Email teddyjcosta@gmail.com to begin a personalized order