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I'm Ted.  Together with my wife and my dog, I go out and try to see the world for what it is - a place within which every moment is different from the one before it.

In my life, there's no one who knows this fact of nature more intuitively than my dog, Amigo.  He seemingly has an insatiable appetite to get outside, go to the beach, run through the woods, climb mountains, chase bunnies and deer, run up to every dog he sees, and, in general, be enthusiastic about every situation he runs into (although he still finds value in long naps on rainy days).  

Amigo is one of my greatest teachers, in all sincerity.  His love for the Unknown is a gift for me to witness.  It, in effect, brings me into life more fully.  

When I'm taking a photograph, I'm entering into a still frame of time - It feels as if I'm able to slow down the moment and see it with new eyes.  For my dog, it's just his nature to already be doing this.  He simply experiences the moment with fresh perspective.  So, in a way, every time I pick up the camera, I am practicing doing the same - experiencing the moment with nothing but presence.  

And the rest simply happens.  I come back home, still feeling the cold and wind of the Atlantic, finally sitting down with some good coffee in hand, next to my wife while my dog finally rests, and I open up my photos to see which ones surprise me.  And the beautiful thing is; they always surprise me. 


In taking photos, I've come to realize what my dog has always known; that each moment is jam-packed with Life.  The photos I have that capture that truth, and perhaps more importantly, that feeling I get while being lost within a single photo - that is what I aim to share with the world.

And I thank you for meeting me here to share these moments.


- Teddy J Costa

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